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Open system pods are devices that allow you to manually refill nicotine salt e-juice. Unlike the closed system devices, you can buy any bottle of nicotine salt e-liquid at varying nicotine strengths to find a flavor that suits you best. Think about ordering your favorite kind of coffee and brewing it in your coffee maker. The freedom to choose any flavor can help you play around with the flavors until you find that right one.

Wider Range of Flavors and Nicotine Strength – more options to choose from and are not limited to the brands’ offerings
Smoother draw allows for more vapor production and better mouth to lung action
User-friendly as the device either needs one button pressed or are auto-draw
Low Profile design make it ultra-compact and portable which make it good for a night out with friends
Low Investment since open system devices cost around 12 to 50 dollars and it is not much of a time investment compared to learning high powered mods
More economical than closed systems and up to 85% savings compared to smoking a pack a day
Inconvenience – You have to refill e-liquids manually and have to change coils or replace cartridge after several uses
Switching flavors is a hassle unless you have a separate pod filled with a different flavor
Vapor production is limited due to battery size and it can be a drawback for those who want to get the maximum vapor.
Low battery life is one of the downsides of the vape pods in general but it is also faster to recharge as well

If you are more explorative and want to find that right flavor, then open systems are perfect for you. With open systems, you can enjoy the flexibility that open systems have to offer and make it easier to transition to high wattage device if you prefer to.

If you want to successfully put an end to your cigarette habit for good, it�s imperative to choose a device that will work for you. It�s not about which device is better than the other. But more so, what your preferences are and what suits you best. Pachamama Salts have their advantages and disadvantages but with the savings, you will get from switching to vaping, you can even try out both to see what works best for you.

The universal advantage of vape pods comes down to convenience and simplicity. Using pod systems gives users cigarette-like nicotine satisfaction. The high nicotine strengths in nicotine salt will give you the instant rush that is comparable to smoking a cigarette. Many acclaims that vaping nicotine salts have been effective in curbing their cravings.The user-friendliness of these devices is in stark contrast to the high powered devices that have become popular today. With pod systems only being draw-activated, it allows smokers to easily transition to vaping as a fuss-free alternative.

The ultra-portable design fits in your hand naturally and slides in your pocket with ease. Your pockets will appreciate the extra room, trust me 😉
Not only are they significantly cheaper than smoking cigarettes, the devices do not cost a fortune. Even if you choose to buy an open system, changing coils are not as high maintenance as you might think since you will only be changing it at most twice a week.The perceived disadvantage that comes with vape pods is due to the sacrifices made to make an ultra-compact design. Due to battery size, the battery life may be short-lived in comparison to high wattage device. However, recharging the battery does not take long as some devices may only take 30 minutes to charge at full battery levels.